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Trauma-sensitive Working Model for Marginalised Youth (TRUST)


Co-funded by ERASMUS+


The main goal of the TRUST project is to improve the quality of youth work through increasing the services which the participating organisations provide to their target groups which include marginalised youth with complex trauma backgrounds.

The aims of the working model are to increase the self-understanding of marginalised youth with trauma backgrounds about complex traumatization and to mitigate the resulting symptoms such as depression, anxiety, and behaviour that harms oneself and others (including substance abuse problems).

Target groups:

The direct beneficiaries of this project consist of professionals who have experience of work within the criminal justice framework, social services and rehabilitation, youth work or child protection.

Indirect beneficiaries are marginalised youth with complex trauma backgrounds. Such individuals are usually excluded from social, economic and/or educational opportunities enjoyed by other youngsters in their community due to numerous factors beyond their control. Young persons (aged approx. between 13 – 29) who suffer from complex trauma are usually victims of prolonged and repeated maltreatment, domestic violence, physical and (or sexual abuse, neglect of their caregivers which again can lead to longer-term consequences, including risk for further victimisation, delinquency and adult criminality, substance abuse, poor school performance, depression, and chronic disease.



Coordinator – Silta-Valmennusyhdistys ry., Finland

Addictless Association, Romania

Freedom Gate, Greece

Meet Lab, Italy

University of Ioannina, Greece


United Professional for Sustainable Development Association, Bulgaria

ŽISPB, Lithuania


Project Co-funded by Erasmus+