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Violent behavior change program

The Human Resources Monitoring and Development Bureau runs a training program on Reducing Violent Behavior. The aim of this activity is to change the destructive behavior and violent reactions of abusive men through various intervention models and thus help to protect the victim of violence from repeated aggression.

The content of the training material consists of a compulsory and optional module. The compulsory module includes individual work (during which individual counseling with a psychologist or social worker will take place) and group work (during which the psychologist and social worker will conduct structured therapeutic sessions focused on changing violent behavior). Free choice – group activities. During them, participants will learn to communicate with relatives in their daily activities by applying what they have learned through participation in the compulsory module sessions. At the end of the training, there will be an evaluation of the achievements – an oral summary of each topic. This program is open to anyone who wants to eliminate, change violent behavior in their immediate environment.

There are two types of this curriculum: 16 academic hours cost € 194 and 8 academic hours cost € 110

Individuals who want to learn to live in a family without violence but do not want to participate in the program can turn to our counselors for individual counseling. 

Behavior correction program

Many people experience strong emotions. When they are scared or angry for a moment, their emotional expression reaches its maximum level – like a whirlwind. It upsets not only the people who experience emotions but also those around them. Then there is a desire to suppress emotions so that only they become uncontrollable. However, the truth is that the more you suppress your feelings, the more force they can manifest. However, the situation is not irreplaceable – newly learned skills can positively affect our ability to resolve conflicts and maintain better relationships with others. Behavior correction is for people whose inability to express emotions properly affects their inability to control their behavior. Sufferers of emotion management difficulties in situations react intensively and immediately, while others may not react at all. Such a person is having difficulty succeeding and calming down, returning to a normal emotional state. There is a need to change the behavior that makes a person suffer and learn to become aware of their experience and accept it accordingly. Behavior correction seeks to develop the most important social skills necessary to ensure self-efficacy and self-control.

Therefore, this program aims to make individuals aware of their behavior, the need to change it, the opportunities and the consequences.

The aim of the program  is strong, span, change participants misbehavior through various intervention models.

Training structure 

1) individual work (4 hours or 6 hours),

2) group work (4 hours or 10 hours).

Program duration  – 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Program price – 8 a. m. – € 110.00, 4 p.m. 194.00 € or with the referral of the Lithuanian Probation Service the services are provided free of charge.


1) persons referred to the probation service, police officers and obliged to participate in a training program for the correction of ill-treatment;

2) persons who have themselves expressed a desire to change their behavior.