Senior Care home "Nauja pradžia" (en. New Beginning)

For carefree aging!

Join us in our process. We are creating a home where everyone is welcome, accepted and important. Home where you can spend the most beautiful days of your life with dignity.

About us

After 10 years of practice in the implementation of international and national projects, ŽISPB is starting a new – the largest project it has ever implemented, combining all the experience and programs implemented so far – we are taking the first steps to open a retirement home in the Šiauliai district!

“Nauja pradžia” (“New begining”) – a project with its name perfectly reflecting what we currently live in and what we hope our future housemates will live in.

We will bring together accommodation and care, social support, integration into the labor market, rehabilitation and social business experience under one roof!

A new creative beginning – will be open soon!

Project "Nauja pradžia"

We have always dreamed of being more than “just” a nursing home or nursing home. We aim to provide social care and accommodation, health care, nursing, professional rehabilitation and integration, and psychosocial services in the community. We especially often meet people who are motivated to work but do not have qualifications, so we would like to offer the opportunity to acquire qualifications at the workplace. Gilvyčiai is a small community in a remote settlement, and our project will be a meaningfull add to the community’s social life. The creation of jobs in small towns is an important event for the inhabitants of the town. We believe this will help maintain the spirit of the town and even encourage people to stay in the suburbs.

Care and accommodation services.

Care, nursing, accommodation for people with severe disabilities, elderly persons with severe disabilities and elderly persons without disabilities.

Psychosocial support

Psychological and social support in the community.


On-the-job learning programs, in-service training for social work professionals and nurses

Why should you contribute to our project?

We have big goals – to raise the level of job satisfaction of social workers working with elderly people in the Šiauliai region, enabling them to make their own decisions. And the happier the employees, the happier the residents. We want to create a home where everyone feels welcome.

The services provided in the care institution will not be limited to social care and nursing. We will focus on the training and improvement of the qualifications of specialists providing social services, and through ongoing projects, we will strive to provide community services not only to residents of care homes, but also to community members.

For many years we have been preparing training programs and conducting training for social workers. By doing so, we contribute to a better quality of services throughout Lithuania.

We are planing to install the “self management” system (i.e. the social workers themselves will decide on the number of colleges), they will decide on the need to study by themselves, assessing their qualifications and status.

We plan to measure impact by focusing on the following indicators:

  1. the level of job satisfaction of social workers working in the Šiauliai region before the training, after the training and several months after the training;
  2. improving attitude towards social workers, trust in this profession;
  3. decreasing shortage of skilled workers in this profession;
  4. the quality of services, which we will measure by increasing the life expectancy of the residents (we will study and improve the facilities to take care of the residents, and they can enjoy their most beautiful days for as long as possible)
  5. residents’ level of independence: we will strive for the elderly residents to take care of themselves independently as much as possible, thus maintaining their better quality of life. For this purpose, we will create conditions for gardening, cooking, handicrafts, other leisure activities and more.

How can you contribute?

Give us 1.2% from your income tax

The 1.2% you have designated will contribute to the well-being of future housemates, the creation of jobs in a remote town, and the strengthening of community. Watch how your support turns into concrete works on the “Nauja pradžia” Facebook account.

Help spread the word about the project

Share the news of our project, tell people who might be interested, invite friends and relatives to our website or social networks.

Support with various gear and furniture

Maybe you have unused furniture? Maybe you are a representative of a socially responsible business who wants to set an example for other companies and contribute equipment or volunteer work? Or maybe you are an architect who would like to contribute his knowledge and skills? You are all very welcome!

You can support us financially
Support us via PayPal

You can support us financially
via bank transfer

You can contribute to the implementation of our Senior Care Home via transfering the desired amount directly to a special account: LT547300010167310407. In the purpose of payment, please indicate “Support for care homes”

There is no such as too small support!!!

Our team

Team building is our next big step. In order to assemble the best team for a senior care home, we will first of all take into account the motivation of future employees, their attitude to work, respect for people, initiative to learn and improve.

The most important criterion for the selection of employees is the acceptance and support of the institution’s values.

A team of social workers and their assistants, nurses and their assistants, psychologists, consultants, health care specialists will be formed in our senior care home.

Courses for social workers

The creator of the project

Asta Jaseliūnienė

Director of VšĮ Žmogiškųjų išteklių stebėsenos ir plėtros biuras, member of the CEFEC Executive Committee of the European Social Enterprise Network, member of the Development Council of the Šiauliai Region, one of the main goals of her professional activity is smooth cooperation between NGOs and businesses, strengthening the social inclusion of society.

VšĮ Žmogiškųjų išteklių stebėsenos ir plėtros biuras is a non-governmental organization operating in Šiauliai since 2010, which integrates the provision of social services, adult education and the representation of the rights of socially vulnerable groups in its activities.

The organization aims to:
• promote, create and implement innovative social and educational initiatives at the local, national and international level;
• implement work and professional employment policy programs, projects, measures and spread models of good human resource management practices;
• organize and carry out non-formal education activities for children, youth and adults;
• promote the development of social business and integrate the principles of social business in the activities of non-governmental organizations;
• to initiate and develop activities focused on disabled persons and meeting their needs and to promote international cooperation in the field of disabled people.