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Rebuild team trip to Brussels

The OPEN youth space team successfully participated in the Rebuild project presentation in Brussels and presented their Green Roof idea.

“Rebuild is a community-based organization that aims to promote sustainable urban development through sustainable and innovative ideas. Our team was part of this project and presented our green roof idea by installing a green roof at the Šiauliai Youth Centre, making our own outdoor furniture, and planting plants. They put forward this idea as one of the ways of sustainable urban development, which can help tackle several problems related to urban heat and water management. They also stressed that the installation of green roofs is simple and affordable for many people.

Young people had the opportunity to establish a network with other organizations and present their ideas to a wider audience. They also had the opportunity to see sustainability and sustainable development projects in other cities, as a result, it gave them new ideas and perspectives.

We are proud of their work and we want to encourage all young people to continue such initiatives because we can all contribute to the common mission of sustainable urban development.

Thank you for your contribution and we look forward to seeing you in future projects that will make a real difference to the future of our cities!