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Prasidėjo projektas TILTAS
Konferencija „Vyrų krizės: nuo priežasčių iki sprendimų“
Prasidėjo projektas „BoB as a Bait“
Konferencija „Nauji formalaus ir neformalaus ugdymo metodai: nuo mokyklos iki darbo rinkos“
Konferencija „Inovatyvūs žemos kvalifikacijos asmenų įtraukimo į darbo rinką metodai“
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VšĮ Žmogiškųjų išteklių stebėsenos ir plėtros biuras.

Yes, we are monitoring and developing. If you can’t see where you are and what’s around, it’s hard to develop meaningfully, isn’t it?

We are a reliable partner in providing social services to society, as well as training employees and carrying out project activities.


  • We were established in 2010.
  • Currently, 23 specialists work in the organization.
  • We provide services throughout Šiauliai County, trainings for all of Lithuania, and projects with partners from various countries.
  • We constantly monitor changes around us and quickly respond to society’s needs, creating tools that help solve social problems.
  • We use new technologies and innovations that allow us to provide services more efficiently and effectively.
  • By providing services, we take care of social and environmental sustainability in the community.
  • Our internal culture and values, reflecting our main goal – to improve social welfare and the living conditions of communities.

Our latest project The futureGilvyčiai senior care home home “Nauja pradžia” – the implementation of which we are planning carefully, not forgetting the history of the building chosen for the care home, “Gilvyčiai skokolos”.

  • We are responsible, diligent, transparent and accountable:
    • NGO tag in the register center
    • Annual financial and performance reports are submitted on time. https://www.zispb.lt/dokumentai/
  • We firmly believe that the public sector can provide quality services, which is why we have implemented the NOKAS standard, which is optional for us but shows the level of service quality in the organization.
  • In the entire county, only we provide:
    • support in decision making process for persons with and/or mental disabilities. For three years now, we have been providing the support in decision making process, according to the project “From care to opportunities: development of community services”. This service is used by persons of working age with intellectual and/or mental disabilities. Individuals, together with a social worker, solve problems every day and choose what to do, what to wear, what to eat, what Internet provider to choose, and solve countless other issues that are not simple things for someone.
    • we are accredited to provide social rehabilitation services for the disabled in the community
    • Individual and group encouragement and motivation (for integration into the labor market), psychological services:
      • We provide employment services to our clients
      • We use exclusive proven methods,
      • we participated in the “DUOday” initiative organized by SOPOS,
      • we have the rights to use the exclusive “Jobpix” tool. Jobpix is ​​a method of work initiative, self-knowledge, computer literacy training.
  • We are creative and resourceful when we plan social employment workshops that improve integration into the labor market for people experiencing social exclusion.
  • The services provided at the institution focus on career guidance, profiling of young people and the long-term unemployed, strengthening work skills and comprehensive assistance during or after employment. The services consist of a set of activities that may / may not be provided according to the individual needs of the participant identified during the first meeting, the needs assessment phase or the service delivery process.
  • we have established an open youth space OPEN, where young people aged 14-29 are welcome. Here, youth workers constantly think about how to involve young people, how to improve their career planning and choice skills, as well as entrepreneurship, citizenship, and self-representation skills. Free professional psychosocial services are provided, volunteerism is strengthened both in Lithuania and abroad. Send your youth to our OPEN space events.
  • Courses. We know where to get qualified workers!
    • We run and organize various programs for improving the professional competence of social workers and individual care workers.
    • Our goal is to strengthen the professional competences of your employees by working with various targets
    • The training programs offered are accredited.
    • Training completion certificates are issued to the participants.
    • The duration of training programs is from 8 acad. h up to 160 acad. h
    • When larger groups are formed, lecturers can come to the institution, the topic, time and nature of the courses are agreed individually in this case.
  • Abundant and meaningful project activities. You can get acquainted with it in the projects section.

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